The honest to dog truth I started this website is because my ideal way to spend the day is sitting on my ass (either in bed, or a hipster cafe with sugar-free latte syrups on their menu) and trolling the internet in attire I like to call “hobo clothes.” If Google Ads wants to throw some cash my way, that’s dandy too. I’m not a writer, model, or photographer – I just forked out the big bucks for a Mac laptop. Really, Ride Coattails’ purpose is simply a public collection of freelance articles I’ve written, exclusive interviews with celebrities, thoughts that once deemed cool enough for Facebook statuses, and real-life-inspired moments that only high readers will find humorous.

I was born in London; raised in Prague. Since preschool, my parents enrolled me in an international school – kind of like an American school overseas where I learned to read, write and speak English (without an accent, thankfully). If you’ve never heard a Czech accent, consider yourself lucky. No, it’s nothing similar to Russian or German. At age 18, I left for the West coast, living in Phoenix for three years, and now Los Angeles. At the risk of sounding like a cliché Angelino, I currently work as a reporter for OK! Magazine, and its sister tabloid, Star.

That clusterfuck of an explanation about my upbringing doesn’t describe the real me. But this list of ridiculous things that make me happy does: nature documentaries specifically about bears, hot sauce & ice cream (sometimes mixed together, sometimes not), my 70lbs snuggle monster that resembles a dog, trending internet memes, laughing at other people’s expense, Mr. Bean and scented candles strictly in the fragrance of pumpkin, vanilla or brown sugar (none of this Evergreen crap).