Orange is the New Black: why it’s my new favorite show

“Are you sleeping over tonight or are you watching your lesbian prison show?”

Thanks to @beigecardigan, I spent hours laughing at this all-too-true meme. And thanks to Netflix, I was able to binge watch the entire 3rd season of Orange is the New Black in a weekend without getting out of bed. Picture me laying in a hospital bed with one of those pee bags next to me. Kind of like Lamar Odom. Too soon? I caught up with some of OITNB cast members at an all-too-fancy rooftop award ceremony where I was the only one wearing firetruck red Adidas with my LBD (little black dress). This is a mistake I frequently make, but have no desire to change it. If it were up to me, I’d attend every Hollywood party looking like a less coked up rendition of the American Apparel models in sweats and unbrushed hair. This ceremony honored The Television Industry Advocacy Awards. Because I’m a professional, I didn’t let my brain’s thoughts about the open bar affect the interviews, and I was jealous that some of the celeb attendees already had a few drinks in them. By the time the red carpet wrapped and I could finally stop talking to strangers, the open bar had closed. But let’s here was some of these tipsy actors and actresses had to say…

First up, cutie pie Matt McGorry who plays John Bennett. I may or may not have told Matt that I have a small televised crush on him before I hit record on my iPhone, so technically it was off the record, and doesn’t count towards any unprofessionalism. But then he brought up Brooks Brothers, which is my dad’s favorite store, and I had to let Matt know that.

Q: You look very strapping tonight (see, alcohol was not on the brain). Who are you wearing?

MM: Thank you! I’m wearing Brooks Brothers. I’m part of a Brooks Brothers campaign that just closed, and it’s coming out today actually. It’s my Brooks Brothers story.

Q: Today we’re honoring charity work. Is there one charity that’s closest to your heart?

MM: I’m pretty new to most of the issues that these charities focus on, especially in this very intense way with a lot of advocacy and activism. I’m only seven months deep into that. I’d like to think that I’ve always been supportive, but recently I’ve really tried to take it on where every day I’m reading and learning about it. It started with gender equity, and from there it’s evolved into the intersection of LGBT rights, and more recently the Black Lives Matter movement. It’s a very big passion of mine. I’m learning a lot every day, and I try not to overstep my boundaries in terms of my own understanding of things. I try to make everything relatable when I share my opinions. Hopefully I make a difference along the way.

Q: Your character was little MIA in the Season 3. Is he coming back in Season 4?

MM: One never knows. Anything can happen. He’s not dead, I can tell you that. As far as I know. But maybe he is.

Next up, the cutthroat kitchen chef who gave Red the boot: Gloria Mendoza, portrayed by the much-sweeter-IRL, Selenis Leyva.

Q: I’m loving this goth-glam look you’ve got going on! Who are you wearing?

SL: Thank you! That’s the exact look I was going for! I’m wearing Escada and jewelry by Gabriel & Company.

Q: What brings you out to tonight’s event? Who are you supporting?

SL: I’m so excited to be here! I’m supporting my friend and co-star Laverne Cox for her amazing advocacy for her journey that has been so wonderful to watch. I have a transgender sister, so I’m very supportive of the LGBT community; she’s a hero! She’s my hero!

Q: What’s the charity that’s closest to your heart?

SL: I’m an ambassador for the Gabrielle’s Angels Foundation, which is all about cancer research. My brother is a two time cancer survivor, I’ve lost people to cancer, and we had cancer scares in the family so this is really dear to me. They don’t just research cancer but they also try and find ways to cure cancer without being so invasive. As we know radiation and other forms of therapy does havoc to the human body.

Q: What can we expect from your character on Season 4 of OITNB?

SL: There’s a lot happening this season, it’s really busy with a lot of unexpected events happening. I’m still reading scripts and I’m gagging a little bit over what’s happening but you can expect to see Gloria still struggling from where we last saw her in Season 3. She’s struggling emotionally with the whole Sofia situation.

And lastly, once the press line was winding down, I scooped up officer Wanda Bell, played by Catherine Curtin. I really felt like she and I connected. Just like me and my sneakers, she was a fish out of water too. But unlike me, she was real cute about it. She was like a kid in a candy store surrounded by all the cameras and interviewers. She could have chosen any reporter to confide in, but she chose me! Me! After chit chatting, she discreetly leaned in, touched my arm and asked, “Where am I sitting? Do you know where my seat is?” The truth was I didn’t, so I directed her to the open bar, which is way better than a seat.

Q: Tell me about some of the charities you’re most passionate about.

CC: There are so many amazing charities that I am grateful to be a part of in my own little way like WUPA and The Clemency Project. There’s also a charity in Cambodia that is starting to really make headway in terms the education system. A lot of people in those parts of the world are not even going to grammar school. We cannot be as pro-America as we are anymore, it’s a global community that we’re in. We’re all one.

Q: In terms of acting, what’s next for you?

CC: I’m currently working on the HBO series, Insecure, which is really fun. Then I got back to Orange, and we’ll see what goes on from there. Sadly, I can’t reveal any spoilers about Orange, but I think it’s going to be an incredibly exciting season. I was shooting one day and they had been shooting late the night before, so I heard about the scene, and they were like, the acting was so brilliant, they said that people were stunned. They were overwhelmed by it.