Sorry, are you Charlie or Max?

Charlie. I talked to Charlie Carver.

The first time I saw Charlie, and his identical twin brother, Max, was on Desperate Housewives as the Scavo twins, who then branded out onto shows like Teen Wolf and The Leftovers. What a couple of cuties. The second time I saw the Carver twins, I was only a week into my reporting job, when I found myself covering a charity event in Malibu called Children Mending Hearts. Before going into it, I predicted that it’d be a miserable time. I hate children, I’m not skilled at mending hearts, I was hungover, and it was a million degrees outside. My attire was not very fitting, either. Turns out black jeans, a black tank top and a scarf are not sunshine-friendly. Since I was considered the office rookie at OK! Magazine, I was quite literally bullied into approaching Charlie for an interview — by two other guys! Apparently girls aren’t the only catty ones anymore. But hey, I got the damn interview and it doesn’t matter that I was pouring sweat in the middle of it. I blame the sun and my nerves.

Q: What fashion advice do you share with your brother, Max?

CC: I try to give him as much fashion advice as he can take. He definitely needs it. It’s weird being an identical twin because we still are a little different size wise, and we have different style choices. But it’s a bonus cause you get to see what you would look like in certain clothes, like a mirror. I’d say I have better fashion sense, and I always advise people not to wear grey on a hot day.

Q: What specifically about Children Mending Hearts touches your heart?

CC: Anything involving children, charity, healthcare and creativity is important. CMH is an amazing charity because it gives children a chance for a great education and an amazing future. We’re lucky that the team of Teen Wolf is being recognized for contributing to the cause and what’s even greater than that is CMH keeps gaining recognition.

Q: What can we expect from Season 2 of The Leftovers?

CC: Season 2 is going to be crazy. It’s set in Jarden, Texas and apparently there have been no flights out of there. No departures whatsoever. That’s all I can really tell you. Filming in Austin has been a blast!

Q: What’s working with Justin Theroux like? And have you met Jennifer Aniston?

CC: He’s the nicest, coolest guy. All around he’s a great human being. He’s written so many big time comedies like Tropic Thunder, so I think people would be surprised to know that he’s hilarious. He remains at a distance mostly, but from a distance he sends out positive energy. Jen’s the sweetest. I met her before in the past, but she’s not around much on set. She comes to other events when we’re not filming. I think they try to keep it as professional as possible around Justin’s work and they seem happy. He hasn’t said anything to me about marriage and there are no wedding invitations waiting for me in the mail, yet, but it’s not my business to talk about.